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Picture for Brand Thierry Mugler
Picture for Brand Thierry Mugler
Thierry Mugler, the visionary French fashion designer, is renowned for his bold and avant-garde approach to fashion and fragrance. The perfumes from Thierry Mugler, often bearing the brand name "Mugler," are celebrated for their unique and daring compositions that push the boundaries of olfactory art. Mugler perfumes are known for their distinctive and memorable scents, often characterized by their powerful and long-lasting nature. They offer a range of fragrances that are bold, unconventional, and sometimes even provocative, reflecting the brands spirit of individuality and self-expression. The fragrances from Mugler often feature a combination of contrasting notes, creating intriguing and complex olfactory experiences. They can be rich and opulent, with intense accords of spices, woods, and resins, or they can be fresh and vibrant, with bursts of citrus, fruits, and florals. Overall, Mugler perfumes represent the brands daring and individualistic approach to fragrance. With their unique compositions, bold packaging, and memorable scents, Mugler fragrances continue to captivate individuals who dare to embrace their own uniqueness and express themselves boldly.


Thierry Mugler


EDT 100 ml

Rs. 10,563 Man

Dill, Anise. The fragrance opens with the sharp and fresh aroma of dill, which is complemented by the slightly spicy and licorice-like scent of anise. These top notes create an intriguing and unexpected introduction to the fragrance.


Thierry Mugler

Angel + Alien + Innocent + Mugler Cologne

EDP 5 ml

Rs. 3,286 Unisex

Bergamot, Helional,Mandarin Orange, Bitter Orange,Dewberry, Cassis, Black Currant. Jasmine Sambac,Woody Notes. Red Berries,Neroli.


Thierry Mugler


EDP 80 ml

Rs. 18,774 Women