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Picture for Brand Byredo
Picture for Brand Byredo

Byredo Perfume In Pakistan

Byredo is a luxury fragrance brand known for its unique and artistic approach to perfumery. Founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham, a Swedish-Indian entrepreneur, Byredo has gained worldwide recognition for its exquisite scents and minimalist aesthetic. Byredo perfumes are crafted with a focus on quality ingredients and innovative compositions. Each fragrance tells a story and evokes a particular mood or emotion, creating a sensory experience that goes beyond a mere fragrance. Whether you re looking for a signature scent or seeking to explore the world of niche perfumery, Byredo offers a collection that appeals to individuals with a refined taste and a desire for olfactory adventures. Their fragrances have gained a devoted following, making Byredo a sought-after brand among fragrance enthusiasts and connoisseurs worldwide.



Bal D Afrique

EDP 100 ml

Rs. 64,350 Unisex

Bergamot,Lemon,Neroli,African Marigold.