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Picture for Brand The Fragrance Kitchen
Picture for Brand The Fragrance Kitchen

The Fragrance Kitchen Perfumes In Pakistan

The Fragrance Kitchen, also known as TFK, is a niche fragrance brand that prides itself on creating unique and captivating scents inspired by the founders Kuwaiti heritage. The brand seeks to evoke emotions, memories, and cultural experiences through its fragrances. TFK perfumes are often characterized by their artistic and unconventional compositions. They explore a wide range of olfactory families, from floral and oriental to woody and gourmand, offering a diverse selection of scents to cater to different preferences and tastes. The fragrances from The Fragrance Kitchen are designed to be expressive and thought-provoking. They often feature unexpected combinations of notes, blending traditional and unconventional ingredients to create intriguing and memorable compositions. The packaging of TFK perfumes is minimalist yet eye-catching, reflecting the brands modern and artistic approach. The bottles often feature sleek lines and bold typography, with each fragrance having its own distinctive design that complements its olfactory character. Overall, The Fragrance Kitchen presents a distinctive and artistic approach to perfumery, infusing each scent with a sense of cultural identity and storytelling. With their unique compositions, modern packaging, and cultural inspiration, TFK perfumes offer a captivating and personal olfactory experience. Available on Lost In Paris


The Fragrance Kitchen

War Of The Roses

EDP 100 ml

Rs. 29,862 Unisex

Saffron and Orange.