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Picture for Brand Cacharel
Picture for Brand Cacharel

Cacharel Perfumes In Pakistan

Cacharel is a renowned French perfume brand that has been creating captivating fragrances since its inception in 1962. Founded by designer Jean Bousquet, Cacharel is known for its youthful and romantic approach to perfumery, capturing the spirit of free-spiritedness and femininity. Cacharel perfumes often embody a sense of freshness, joy, and effortless elegance. The brands scents are designed to evoke emotions and transport wearers to dreamy, imaginative realms. They are crafted with a combination of classic and contemporary elements, resulting in unique and timeless compositions. Cacharel perfumes have garnered a dedicated following over the years, appealing to individuals who appreciate refined, yet accessible fragrances that celebrate femininity and embrace the joy of life. Whether its the iconic Anais Anais or the modern Amor Amor, Cacharel s fragrances continue to enchant and captivate perfume lovers around the world.



Yes I Am

EDP 1 ml

Rs. 260 Women

Raspberry, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot and Lemon.