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Sultan Vetiver

Extrait De Parfum


Size: 2 ml

Product ID: 01813

Top Notes:

The opening is fresh and citrusy, with notes of bergamot and grapefruit. These top notes provide a bright and uplifting introduction to the fragrance.

Heart Notes:

At the heart of the fragrance, you ll find the star of the show, vetiver. This note is earthy, woody, and slightly smoky. Its often described as having a rugged and masculine quality.

Base Notes:

The base notes are warm and comforting, with elements like cedarwood and oakmoss. These notes complement the vetiver, adding depth and longevity to the fragrance.
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Rs. 1,620
Nishane Sultan Vetiver is a fragrance known for its sophisticated and aromatic character. It is a unisex fragrance designed to be worn by anyone who appreciates the rich and earthy scent of vetiver. Sultan Vetiver is a fragrance that celebrates the deep and smoky aroma of vetiver, a beloved ingredient in perfumery known for its earthy and woody qualities. This scent is designed for those who appreciate the rugged elegance and natural allure of vetiver. It captures the essence of earthiness and is a homage to this timeless note.