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Size: 100 ml

Product ID: 01452

Top Notes:

There are likely other notes included to enhance and balance the fragrance. These could include additional florals, spices, woods, or citrus notes.

Heart Notes:

Rose: A classic floral note that can range from light and airy to rich and velvety, depending on the type of rose used.

Base Notes:

Oud: This note provides a deep, earthy, and woody scent that is often used as a base note in many fragrances.
Rs. 30,000
S.T. Dupont is a brand known for its luxurious accessories, including fragrances. Their "Oud et Rose" set combines two distinct and popular fragrance elements, oud and rose. This fragrance seems to be a fusion of two iconic notes in the world of perfumery: oud, which is a rich, woody scent derived from the resin of the agarwood tree, and rose, which is a classic floral note known for its romantic and elegant aroma.