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Size: 100 ml

Product ID: 01516

Top Notes:

The fragrance opens with a burst of fresh and slightly spicy notes, including Almonds. These top notes provide an initial sweetness and warmth.

Heart Notes:

The heart of the fragrance centers around the hypnotic aroma of Tiare Flower. This note is known for its creamy and floral scent, which adds depth and sensuality to the composition.

Base Notes:

The base notes of "Louve" are where its true character shines. There Is a prominent presence of Iris, which contributes to the powdery and velvety facets of the scent. Coumarin, a sweet and vanilla-like aroma, adds to the gourmand quality, while the scent is anchored by the warmth of Musk and Iris wood.
Rs. 55,000
Rs. 49,500
"Serge Lutens Louve" is a unique fragrance thats part of the Serge Lutens collection, known for its artistic and enigmatic scents. The fragrance is a nod to the enchanting and mysterious world of wolves. "Louve" translates to "she-wolf" in French, and the fragrance is intended to evoke the sensuality and allure of this creature. It is a captivating scent designed to embrace the wearer with warmth and elegance. "Louve" offers a sense of mystery and seduction, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate unusual and sophisticated fragrances.