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Fils De Joie



Size: 75 ml

Product ID: 01447

Top Notes:

Citrus: Many joyful fragrances feature zesty and uplifting citrus notes, such as bergamot or mandarin, to evoke a sense of freshness.Florals: To enhance the joyful and light-hearted character, floral notes like orange blossom, jasmine, or rose are often included.

Heart Notes:

Fruity Accents: Notes of fruits like peach, apricot, or pear can bring a sweet and playful element to the scent.Amber: Amber notes may provide warmth and depth to the fragrances dry down.Vanilla: Vanilla is often used in joy-inspired scents, adding a touch of sweetness and comfort.

Base Notes:

Musk: Clean and soft musk notes are commonly found in joyful fragrances, contributing to a gentle, inviting aura.Woody Elements: Subtle woody notes like cedar or sandalwood can create a smooth and balanced base.
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Serge Lutens Fils de Joie is a fragrance from the renowned niche perfume house Serge Lutens. Fils de Joie, which translates to "Son of Joy" in English, is an olfactory celebration of happiness and the simple joys of life. Serge Lutens is known for creating fragrances with complex, often enigmatic narratives, and Fils de Joie is no exception. Its a fragrance that embodies the idea of experiencing and embracing the lighter, more joyful aspects of existence.