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Kiss My Name



Size: 100 ml

Product ID: 01418

Top Notes:

Raspberry: Raspberry notes can add a sweet and fruity aspect to the fragrance, contributing to its gourmand quality.Saffron: Saffron is a warm and slightly spicy note that can bring depth and complexity to the scent.

Heart Notes:

Labdanum: Labdanum is a resin with a sweet, amber-like aroma that adds a warm and resinous quality.Olibanum: Also known as frankincense, olibanum adds a resinous, woody, and slightly lemony facet to the fragrance.

Base Notes:

Leather: Leather notes can contribute a sophisticated and sensual quality to the scent.Vetiver: Vetiver is an earthy and woody note that can provide balance to the sweeter elements.
Rs. 41,000
"Kiss My Name" by Ramon Monegal is a unisex fragrance known for its unique blend of notes and its intriguing character. Oriental Gourmand: Fragrances in this family often combine sweet, edible notes with oriental elements to create a warm, comforting, and sometimes slightly spicy scent.