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Product Details


Impossible Iris



Size: 100 ml

Product ID: 00546

Top Notes:

Possibly fresh and vibrant notes like bergamot, adding a lively and inviting opening.

Heart Notes:

A prominent iris note, possibly enriched with other floral elements like violet or rose to enhance the complexity and elegance.

Base Notes:

Warm and sensual notes like musk, sandalwood, and possibly hints of vanilla or other soft accords to create a lasting and comforting finish.
Rs. 26,239
"Ramon Monegal Impossible Iris" likely revolves around the note of iris, a prized and elegant floral note used in perfumery. The name "Impossible Iris" suggests a unique and distinctive interpretation of iris that stands out from more traditional floral fragrances. The description might emphasize the intriguing and captivating qualities of the iris note and how its been reimagined in this composition.