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Black Aoud



Size: 100 ml

Product ID: 00862

Top Notes:

The initial impression is rich and aromatic, with top notes of rose, which provide a lush and floral opening.

Heart Notes:

The heart of the fragrance revolves around the star ingredient, oud (also known as agarwood or aloeswood). Oud is a highly prized resinous wood known for its deep, woody, and often slightly animalic aroma. In Black Aoud, the oud is bold and dominant, creating a powerful and captivating heart.

Base Notes:

The base notes are intense and enduring, featuring ingredients like patchouli, leather, and vetiver. These elements add depth, smokiness, and a touch of earthiness to the fragrance, enhancing its overall complexity and longevity.
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Rs. 21,060
Montale Black Aoud Man EDP is a fragrance that exudes a sense of mystery, sensuality, and exoticism. It is part of Montales rich collection of oud-based fragrances, which are known for their intense, long-lasting, and oriental character. Black Aoud is particularly renowned for blending the dark, woody depth of oud with other complementary notes to create a captivating and daring scent experience.