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Hundred Silent Ways X



Size: 100 ml

Product ID: 01674

Top Notes:

These are the initial scents that you detect upon application. They re typically light and fresh. In a complex fragrance like Hundred Silent Ways, top notes may include elements like citrus notes such as bergamot or mandarin, which provide a bright and fresh opening.

Heart Notes:

Also known as middle notes, these emerge once the top notes fade away. They form the core of the fragrance and often include floral, spicy, or fruity elements. In Hundred Silent Ways, you might encounter notes like spices (possibly cardamom, clove, or nutmeg), rose, or oud, which add depth and complexity to the scent.

Base Notes:

These are the foundation of the fragrance and tend to be rich, deep, and long-lasting. In fragrances like Hundred Silent Ways, the base notes are crucial in creating a lasting impression. Possible base notes could involve elements like amber, patchouli, sandalwood, or vetiver, providing depth and longevity.
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Rs. 45,864
Nishane s Hundred Silent Ways is a complex and contemplative fragrance. The name itself suggests an air of mystery and deep introspection. This fragrance is designed to be intriguing and unique, making it a conversation starter.