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Homme Le Parfum



Size: 125 ml

Product ID: 01157

Top Notes:

Black Pepper: The fragrance opens with the spicy and slightly woody aroma of black pepper, creating an immediate sense of warmth and energy.Bergamot: Bergamot adds a bright and citrusy facet to the top notes, enhancing the fragrances initial vibrancy.

Heart Notes:

Rum: Rum adds a rich and sweet note to the heart, creating an intriguing and inviting character.Cinnamon: Cinnamon contributes a warm and spicy quality to the heart notes, adding depth and complexity.Tobacco: Tobacco provides a slightly smoky and earthy dimension to the heart, enhancing the fragrances overall intensity.

Base Notes:

Tonka Bean: The base of the fragrance is characterized by the sweet and slightly vanilla-like aroma of tonka bean, which provides depth, warmth, and sensuality.Vanilla: Vanilla adds a creamy and gourmand quality to the base, creating a harmonious and well-rounded finish.Vetiver: Vetiver contributes an earthy and woody dimension to the base, creating a balanced and masculine character.
Rs. 7,875
Joop! Homme Le Parfum is an intense and seductive fragrance designed for the modern man who exudes confidence and charisma. Its a flanker of the original Joop! Homme, known for its bold and distinctive scent. Le Parfum is an Eau de Parfum (EDP) concentration, which means it has a higher concentration of fragrance oils, making it longer-lasting and more intense.