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Extrait De Parfum


Size: 2 ml

Barcode: 8683608070099

Product ID: 01808

Top Notes:

Pineapple, bergamot.

Heart Notes:

Jasmine, patchouli, blackcurrant.

Base Notes:

Oakmoss, ambergris, white musk.
Rs. 2,000
"Nishane Hacivat" is a popular fragrance from the Turkish niche perfume house, Nishane. This fragrance is well-regarded for its luxurious and evocative scent profile. "Nishane Hacivat" is often described as a sophisticated, fresh, and fruity scent that embodies a sense of luxury and exclusivity. The name "Hacivat" is inspired by a traditional Turkish shadow play character, and the fragrance is intended to represent the intersection of classic and modern Turkish culture.
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