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Size: 100 ml

Product ID: 00590

Top Notes:

Iso E Super: Iso E Super is the sole note in this fragrance. It is a synthetic aroma molecule with a warm, woody, and velvety character. Iso E Super is often described as having an ethereal and transparent quality that blends well with the natural scent of the wearers skin, creating a personalized and intimate fragrance experience.
Rs. 24,286
Escentric Molecule M01 is a unique and minimalist fragrance that celebrates the beauty of a single molecule: Iso E Super. This fragrance is part of the "Molecule" series by Escentric Molecules, which focuses on showcasing individual aroma molecules in a simple and elegant way. M01 is designed to highlight the captivating and intriguing qualities of Iso E Super, which is known for its subtle, velvety, and woody scent.