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Oud Ispahan



Size: 250 ml

Barcode: 3348901010153

Product ID: 00976

Top Notes:

Citrus (such as bergamot, lemon), Spices (like saffron).

Heart Notes:

Oud, Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli.

Base Notes:

Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood.
Rs. 104,000
Oud Ispahan is a fragrance from Christian Dior s prestigious collection that pays homage to the mesmerizing city of Isfahan, known for its enchanting gardens and rich history. This scent is crafted around the rare and highly sought-after ingredient, Oud, which is derived from the resinous heartwood of the Agarwood tree. Oud is prized for its deep, woody, and often complex aroma. The fragrance combines the opulence of Oud with other carefully selected notes to create a multi-dimensional olfactory experience. It is likely to offer a blend of rich, smoky, and resinous facets intertwined with floral and oriental elements, creating a luxurious and captivating scent profile.