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Gris Dior



Size: 250 ml

Barcode: 3348901119931

Product ID: 00980

Top Notes:

Citrus (such as bergamot or lemon), Green Notes.

Heart Notes:

Floral Notes (like rose or violet), Iris, Woody Notes.

Base Notes:

Vetiver, Amber, Musk.
Rs. 109,200
Gris Dior is a fragrance that is part of the Dior Collection Privée, also known as the "Maison Christian Dior" collection. This collection is known for its exclusive and luxurious scents, and Gris Dior is no exception. The name "Gris Dior" translates to "Dior Gray," which suggests a sense of sophistication and elegance. Gris Dior is likely designed to capture the essence of gray, a color often associated with refinement, subtlety, and timeless beauty. The fragrance may embody a sense of understated luxury and sophistication, making it suitable for a discerning and stylish audience.