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Product Details

Perfume Oil

Orris Wakan



Size: 12 ml

Barcode: 01666

Product ID: 01666

Top Notes:

Pink pepper and coriander.

Heart Notes:

Iris (orris), cedarwood, and amyris.

Base Notes:

Frankincense, labdanum, and myrrh.
Rs. 79,300

Amouage Orris Wakan Perfume Oil In Pakistan

"Orris Wakan" is an attar, a concentrated perfume oil, from the luxury fragrance house Amouage. The fragrance is part of Amouages "The Library Collection," which is known for its unique and artistic approach to perfumery. "Orris Wakan" is a unisex attar that captures the elegance and rare beauty of orris, a prized and precious aromatic material derived from the iris root. The name "Wakan" may suggest a sense of reverence, spirituality, or sanctity, as orris has been historically associated with these qualities. Lost in Paris offers best Amouage Perfume Price in Pakistan