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Opus XIII Silver Oud



Size: 100 ml

Barcode: 701666410560

Product ID: 01695

Top Notes:

Violet leaf, cinnamon, cardamom.

Heart Notes:

Chrysanthemum, frankincense, labdanum, rose.

Base Notes:

Olibanum, patchouli, woods, leather, agarwood (oud), silver.
Rs. 71,500
"Amouage Opus XIII" is a luxurious and artistic fragrance created by the Omani perfume house Amouage. Its part of the brands "Library Collection," which is known for its unique and complex scents. "Opus XIII" is often described as an avant-garde and artistic fragrance thats part of Amouages exploration of unconventional and complex scents. The name "Silver Oud" alludes to the use of silver as a central note in the fragrance, along with oud, which is a prized and rare resin known for its rich, woody, and slightly medicinal scent.