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Size: 90 ml

Product ID: 01523

Top Notes:

The fragrance opens with a burst of freshness, with notes of rhubarb leaf and bergamot. These elements provide a zesty and slightly tangy introduction.

Heart Notes:

The heart of Aura is where things get truly unique. It features a prominent note of green, almost vegetal, tiger liana. This note is combined with sweet and floral ylang-ylang, creating a green and slightly fruity, yet creamy and tropical bouquet. A hint of aromatic herbal vibes from basil adds complexity to this layer.

Base Notes:

The base notes include woody, warm, and earthy notes of bourbon vanilla and wolfwood (a synthetic woody note). These elements provide depth and longevity to the fragrance while keeping it grounded and sensuous.
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Mugler Aura is a unique and captivating fragrance known for its distinctive and innovative scent profile. Mugler Aura, launched in 2017, is described as an oriental botanical fragrance designed to evoke the aura of a woman who is in touch with nature and her innermost desires. Its a sensual and bold scent that seeks to awaken the senses and create a connection between the wearer and the natural world.