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Amber Topkapi



Size: 75 ml

Product ID: 01486

Top Notes:

Amber: Amber is the star of this fragrance. It offers a rich, warm, and resinous sweetness. Amber is often associated with sensuality and depth.Spices: Aromatic spices such as cardamom, coriander, and nutmeg add complexity and a hint of exoticism to the scent. They provide a warm, spicy character to the composition.

Heart Notes:

Citrus: Topkapi begins with a zesty burst of citrus notes, which provide freshness and contrast to the warmth of the amber and spices.Labdanum: Labdanum is a resin that has a leathery, balsamic scent. It complements the amber and adds a layer of depth to the fragrance.

Base Notes:

Balsams: Various balsamic notes contribute to the rich, sweet, and resinous quality of the scent, enhancing its oriental character.Vanilla: Vanilla adds a sweet and creamy element to the fragrance, enhancing its overall warmth and complexity.
Rs. 48,360
Parfums MDCI Amber Topkapi is a luxurious fragrance that combines rich, resinous amber with various aromatic and oriental elements to create a warm, inviting, and complex scent. Amber Topkapi is inspired by the opulence of the Ottoman Empire, evoking the grandeur and mystique of this historical period. The fragrance is designed to transport you to a world of palaces, treasures, and captivating tales. Its an olfactory journey that invites you to explore the exquisite blend of precious amber and aromatic spices.