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Eros Flame



Size: 100 ml

Product ID: 01263

Top Notes:

Italian Lemon: The fragrance opens with the zesty and vibrant scent of Italian lemon, providing a burst of freshness and energy.Mandarin Orange: Mandarin orange adds a sweet and juicy citrus note to the top, enhancing the fragrances uplifting and invigorating quality.Black Pepper: Black pepper introduces a spicy and slightly fiery element to the opening, setting the stage for the intensity to come.

Heart Notes:

Rosemary: At the heart of the fragrance, rosemary contributes an aromatic and herbal note, adding depth and complexity.Geranium: Geranium provides a floral and slightly rosy facet to the heart, balancing the spice with a touch of elegance.Pepperwood: Pepperwood is a unique note that combines the warmth of spices with the smokiness of wood, creating a distinctive and intense aroma.

Base Notes:

Texas Cedar: The base notes feature Texas cedarwood, adding a woody and earthy quality that grounds the fragrance.Vanilla: Vanilla brings sweetness and depth to the base, enhancing the overall warmth and sensuality.Oakmoss: Oakmoss contributes a touch of greenness and earthiness, adding complexity and character.
Rs. 21,399
Versace Eros Flame is a fragrance that embodies the essence of love and attraction. It is a more intense and fiery version of the original Versace Eros, designed for the modern man who is fearless, passionate, and ready to make a bold statement. This scent represents the power of loves flames and the irresistible allure it creates. Eros Flame is a fragrance that is perfect for special occasions and evenings out. It exudes warmth, sensuality, and charisma, making it a memorable choice for those who wear it and those who encounter it.