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Bright Crystal



Size: 90 ml

Product ID: 01299

Top Notes:

Yuzu: The opening note is yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit that imparts a zesty and slightly fruity aroma. It provides an initial burst of freshness to the fragrance.Pomegranate: Pomegranate adds a sweet and slightly tart facet to the scent, enhancing its fruity and vibrant character.

Heart Notes:

Peony: The heart of the fragrance features peony, a delicate and romantic floral note that contributes a soft and powdery quality.Magnolia: Magnolia complements the peony with its creamy and slightly citrusy aroma, adding depth to the floral bouquet.Lotus Flower: Lotus flower introduces an aquatic and watery element to the composition, creating a sense of freshness.

Base Notes:

Acajou Wood: The base notes include acajou wood, which provides a warm and woody foundation to the fragrance.Musk: Musk adds a subtle, clean, and sensuous quality to the dry down.
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Versace Bright Crystal is designed for the modern, confident, and sensual woman. Its inspired by a mixture of Donatella Versaces favorite floral fragrances. The scent is characterized by its youthful, vibrant, and radiant personality. Its often associated with the image of a woman who exudes elegance and sophistication.