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Body Lotion




Size: 7 ml

Barcode: 01693

Product ID: 01693

Top Notes:

"Nabeel Turath" cologne is known for particular notes such as floral, woody, or oriental notes, the body lotion might include ingredients that align with these olfactory characteristics. This ensures that when applied, the lotion leaves a complementary scent on the skin that harmonizes with the cologne.
Rs. 4,550
Nabeel is a well-known perfume brand that offers a variety of fragrances, including colognes and complementary products like body lotions. The "Nabeel Turath" collection is known for its rich and traditional scents. Body lotions that complement fragrances like "Nabeel Turath" are designed to enhance the overall experience of wearing a scent. They provide nourishment for the skin while leaving a fragrant aura. The "Nabeel Turath" collection is celebrated for its traditional and captivating fragrances, and the body lotion is crafted to extend and intensify that experience.