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Tony Iommi



Size: 50 ml

Product ID: 01776

Top Notes:

Citrus and Spices: A bold opening of citrus notes like bergamot or lemon, enhanced with spices like black pepper or cardamom, could provide an invigorating introduction.

Heart Notes:

Leather and Woods: Elements like leather and various wood notes (such as cedarwood or sandalwood) may be used to create a rich, robust, and masculine foundation.Resins and Amber: Resinous notes like frankincense or myrrh, along with amber, could add depth, warmth, and complexity to the composition.

Base Notes:

Patchouli: This earthy note might be incorporated to enhance the overall depth and richness of the fragrance.Guitar Picks, Amplifier Tubes, or Stage Smoke (Symbolically): Given the association with Tony Iommi, there could be a creative interpretation of elements like guitar picks, amplifier tubes, or even the smoky ambiance of a rock concert.
Rs. 78,000
Rs. 70,200
Xerjoff is a luxury fragrance brand known for its high-quality and often opulent scents. Tony Iommi, on the other hand, is a legendary guitarist known for his work with the iconic rock band Black Sabbath. If this fragrance is associated with him, it may carry elements that reflect his style, preferences, or personality. Given that Tony Iommi is a prominent figure in rock music, the fragrance might be designed to capture elements of his rock and roll spirit. It could potentially feature bold, daring, and distinctive elements that pay homage to his musical legacy.