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Cotton Musk



Size: 100 ml

Product ID: 01429

Top Notes:

Cotton Blossom: Cotton blossom is a fresh, clean note, reminiscent of newly laundered cotton fabrics. Its associated with a feeling of cleanliness and comfort.

Heart Notes:

Musk: Musk notes can vary widely, but in this case, its probably a soft, skin-like musk, adding a sensuous quality to the fragrance.White Flowers: White flowers like jasmine, tuberose, or lily can contribute to the fragrances floral aspect, giving it a more complex and sophisticated character.

Base Notes:

Citrus: Citrus notes can provide a touch of freshness and brightness to the overall composition.Powdery Notes: Powdery notes often create a soft, talcum-like quality in a fragrance.
Rs. 41,000
Ramon Monegal Cotton Musk is a fragrance that combines the clean, fresh aspects of cotton with the sensuality and warmth of musk. Musk: This fragrance falls into the musk family, characterized by its soft, often animalic, and skin-like scent. Cotton Musk is likely to be a clean musk fragrance.