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Polo Blue



Size: 125 ml

Product ID: 01522

Top Notes:

The opening is fresh and invigorating with notes of bergamot, juniper berry, and lemon. These elements provide a zesty and uplifting start.

Heart Notes:

The heart of the fragrance brings in a blend of sage, cypress, and geranium. This creates a green, aromatic accord that is both herbal and slightly spicy.

Base Notes:

The base notes are rich and grounding, featuring a combination of vetiver, patchouli, and cedarwood. These woods provide a sturdy foundation to the fragrance, giving it depth and longevity.
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Rs. 16,965
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Man Parfum is a refined and modern fragrance. Polo Blue Man Parfum is designed for the confident, charismatic man who exudes a sense of freedom and adventure. Its a fragrance that embodies the spirit of the open air and the power of the ocean.