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Polo Blue



Size: 125 ml

Product ID: 01152

Top Notes:

Melon: The fragrance opens with the sweet and juicy aroma of melon, creating an immediate burst of freshness and energy.Cucumber: Cucumber adds a watery and crisp facet to the top notes, enhancing the fragrances initial vibrancy.Mandarin Orange: Mandarin orange contributes a citrusy and slightly zesty note, providing depth and complexity.

Heart Notes:

Basil: Basil adds an herbal and slightly aromatic dimension to the heart notes, creating an intriguing and inviting character.Sage: Sage adds a warm and slightly spicy quality to the heart, enhancing the fragrances overall freshness.Geranium: Geranium provides a floral and slightly minty note to the heart, creating a harmonious and well-rounded character.

Base Notes:

Suede: The base of the fragrance is characterized by the soft and leathery aroma of suede, which provides depth, sophistication, and longevity.Wood Notes: Woody notes, including vetiver and patchouli, offer an earthy and woody quality to the base, creating a balanced and harmonious finish.Musk: Musk adds a clean and inviting quality to the base notes, enhancing the fragrances overall freshness and sensuality.
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Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Eau de Toilette (EDT) for Men is a fragrance that embodies the spirit of freedom, freshness, and the great outdoors. Its part of the iconic Polo fragrance collection by Ralph Lauren, known for its timeless and classic scents. Polo Blue EDT is designed for the modern man who values adventure, vitality, and a deep connection to nature. This fragrance is often celebrated for its ability to evoke the feeling of a crisp, invigorating breeze on a clear day, making it a go-to choice for those who seek a refreshing and uplifting scent.