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Deo Spray

L Homme



Size: 150 ml

Product ID: 01357

Top Notes:

Neroli: Neroli adds a fresh and slightly citrusy facet to the fragrance, contributing to its overall cleanliness and sophistication.Geranium: Geranium might offer a subtle floral aspect, providing balance to the composition.

Heart Notes:

Iris: Prada fragrances often feature iris as a central note. Iris contributes a powdery and elegant quality to the scent.

Base Notes:

Amber: Amber can provide warmth, depth, and longevity to the fragrance. It often serves as a base note.
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Rs. 8,864
Prada L Homme Deodorant Spray is a grooming product that complements the Prada L Homme fragrance line. Its designed to keep you fresh and confident while also subtly enhancing the scent of the matching Prada L Homme Eau de Toilette. Prada L Homme Deodorant Spray is a part of Prada s mens fragrance collection. Its created to offer long-lasting protection against odor and perspiration while also providing a hint of the sophisticated and refined Prada L Homme scent. This deodorant is designed for modern gentlemen who appreciate a fresh and clean feeling throughout the day.