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Wulong cha



Size: 50 ml

Product ID: 01450

Top Notes:

Tea Leaves: Oolong or green tea notes are likely at the heart of this fragrance. These notes can be fresh, slightly bitter, and aromatic.Citrus: Citrus notes like bergamot or lemon are often used to enhance the freshness of tea scents.

Heart Notes:

Floral Notes: Jasmine, rose, or other floral notes may add a delicate and slightly sweet facet to the fragrance.Woody Notes: Woods like cedar or sandalwood might be used to provide a solid base to the tea accords.

Base Notes:

Spices: Some tea fragrances incorporate spices like cardamom or ginger for a hint of warmth.Aromatic Herbs: Occasionally, fragrances inspired by tea gardens feature herbal notes like mint or basil.
Rs. 32,214
Nishane is a luxury fragrance brand known for its rich and complex scents that often draw inspiration from different cultures and experiences. "Wulong Cha" is one of their fragrances. Nishane s Wulong Cha Man is part of their Exotic Garden collection, inspired by the world of teas. The fragrance takes its name from "Wulong," a type of oolong tea, and "Cha," which simply means "tea" in Chinese. This scent aims to capture the essence of an aromatic tea garden, where the fragrant leaves and blossoms are in perfect harmony with the surroundings.