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African Leather



Size: 75 ml

Product ID: 00766


The opening of the fragrance is bold and spicy, with notes of cardamom, saffron, and bergamot. These top notes provide an immediate sense of warmth and complexity.
Rs. 38,740

Memo Paris African Leather is a captivating and exotic mens Eau de Parfum (EDP) created by the niche fragrance house Memo Paris. Launched in 2015, African Leather is celebrated for its evocative and adventurous character. This fragrance is inspired by the enchanting landscapes and cultures of Africa, particularly the vibrant and untamed spirit of the continent. African Leather is often described as a unique and immersive scent that transports the wearer to the heart of Africa, capturing the essence of its wild beauty and rich heritage. Its designed for individuals who seek an olfactory journey that is both exotic and daring.