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Size: 8 ml

Product ID: 01684

Top Notes:

Lavender: The fragrance opens with the crisp and refreshing scent of lavender, giving the perfume an aromatic and slightly herbal quality.Orange Blossom: Orange blossom is a white floral note that adds a sweet, sensual, and feminine aroma to the composition.Jasmine: Jasmine is another white floral note that contributes to the perfumes elegance and sophistication, exuding a rich, creamy, and floral scent.

Heart Notes:

Vanilla: Vanilla is a warm and comforting note that adds sweetness and depth to the fragrance, creating a sense of indulgence and sensuality.Amber: Amber is a resinous note that provides a warm and oriental touch, adding depth and longevity to the scent.

Base Notes:

Musk: Musk is a soft and musky note that enhances the fragrances sensuality and allure, leaving a lasting impression.Cedarwood: Cedarwood is a woody note that adds structure and sophistication to the composition, giving it a modern edge.
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Yves Saint Laurent Libre is a bold and empowering womens fragrance that was launched in 2019. The name "Libre" translates to "free" in French, and the scent embodies the idea of freedom and liberation. It is designed for the modern, strong, and confident woman who embraces her individuality and lives life on her own terms.