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Elysium Eau Intense



Size: 100 ml

Barcode: 5056663800001

Product ID: 01845

Top Notes:

Citrus (e.g., Lemon, Bergamot), Fresh Herbs (e.g., Thyme, Lavender).

Heart Notes:

Floral Accords (e.g., Rose, Geranium), Spices (e.g., Pink Pepper).

Base Notes:

Woody Notes (e.g., Vetiver, Cedarwood), Amber, Moss, Leather.
Rs. 62,660
"Roja Elysium Eau Intense" is an exquisite fragrance created by British perfumer Roja Dove. This fragrance is known for its luxurious and vibrant character, offering a unique blend of notes. Roja Elysium Eau Intense is a fragrance that embodies sophistication, luxury, and vibrancy. It is inspired by the idea of a utopian paradise and captures the essence of the "Elysium," a term from Greek mythology associated with a place of perfect happiness. This fragrance is designed for the modern man who seeks elegance, energy, and an air of refined opulence. Elysium Eau Intense is often praised for its balanced and complex composition, offering a symphony of fresh and vibrant notes, combined with more substantial and long-lasting elements. Its a fragrance that aims to convey the idea of a timeless, stylish, and dynamic lifestyle.