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Size: 100 ml

Barcode: 3508440561015

Product ID: 01242

Top Notes:

Lime, Bergamot, Melon, Green Notes, Lemon, Violet and Caraway.

Heart Notes:

Herbal Notes, Pine Tree, Ginger, Jasmine, Pepper, Cyclamen and Nutmeg Flower.

Base Notes:

Ambergris, Musk, Sandalwood, Oakmoss and Cedar.
Rs. 56,633

Creed Erolfa Tester In Pakistan

Creed Erolfa Eau de Parfum (EDP) is a fragrance created by the prestigious perfume house Creed. Known for its long-standing heritage of producing high-quality and luxurious fragrances, Creed draws inspiration from the oceanic world for Erolfa, making it a refreshing and invigorating scent. Erolfa is a fragrance designed for those who appreciate the freshness and vitality of aquatic and marine-inspired scents. It aims to capture the essence of ocean breezes and coastal adventures, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy outdoor activities and the rejuvenating feeling of being by the sea. Lost in Paris offers best Creed Perfume Price In Pakistan