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Picture for Brand BALDESSARINI
Picture for Brand BALDESSARINI

It is a German brand that was founded in early 1990s, by German Werner Baldessarini. Before the creation of the brand, its founder was merely a retailer. After gaining experience by becoming part of the Hugo Boss AG corporation, he found his own brand dealing in luxury items. The company's first fragrance became so popular that it reviewed two FIFI awards, the first time a German designer has received them. It has a minimalistic packaging, a glass bottle that speaks of its of luxury. The brand has been known for its unconventional scents which makes one wonder about its origin. It is a scent for those who want to stand out and make a statement, and always smell the best among the crowd. It sets a benchmark that is not easy to chase, as its quality is undebatable.



Eau De Toilette 90 ml

Rs. 5,800 For Men

Top Notes Peruvian pepper, Mandarin orange, Bergamot. Heart Notes Freesia, Magnolia, Jasmine. Base Notes Labdanum, Incense, Amber.