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Rosa Galore



Size: 100 ml

Product ID: 01297

Top Notes:

Rose: Since "Rosa" is in the name, rose notes are likely to be a central component, possibly in various forms like Bulgarian rose, Damask rose, or rose absolute.Fruity Accords: Ingredients like bergamot, raspberry, or blackcurrant for a fresh and fruity opening.

Heart Notes:

Green Accords: Ingredients like green leaves or galbanum for a fresh and leafy facet.Florals: Complementary floral elements like jasmine, peony, or violet may be included for depth and complexity.

Base Notes:

Woody or Musky Accords: Woody notes like sandalwood, or musky elements can provide a solid and sensuous base.Vanilla or Amber: These elements can add warmth and depth to the fragrance.
Rs. 19,950
The description of a fragrance like "Rosa Galore Women EDP" would typically convey the essence and character of the scent. Since "Rosa" is in the name, its possible that the fragrance may have a focus on rose as a central theme. The description might also highlight the mood, occasion, or inspiration behind the fragrance. It could emphasize the brands values and the type of experience it aims to offer to the wearer.