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Product Details


The Other Side Of Oud



Size: 100 ml

Product ID: 01278

Top Notes:

Bergamot: The fragrance opens with the brightness of bergamot, infusing a zesty and citrusy freshness to the initial impression.

Heart Notes:

Oud: Oud takes center stage in the heart of the fragrance, showcasing its deep, woody, and smoky characteristics. It provides the core of the scent, offering a sense of opulence and mystery.Labdanum: Labdanum adds resinous and amber-like qualities to the heart, enhancing the warmth and complexity of the oud.

Base Notes:

Leather: Leather notes in the base contribute to the overall richness and sophistication of the fragrance, evoking a sense of luxury.Vetiver: Vetiver adds a touch of earthiness and depth to the base, further enhancing the overall complexity and longevity of the scent.
Rs. 35,962
The Other Side Of Oud EDP invites you to explore the mysterious and alluring world of oud from a different perspective. It is a fragrance that celebrates the depth, opulence, and complexity of oud, offering a unique olfactory journey for those who seek a truly luxurious and intriguing scent. This fragrance is a testament to Atkinsons commitment to using high-quality ingredients and crafting exquisite perfumes.