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Alhambra Oud



Size: 100 ml

Product ID: 00532

Top Notes:

Possibly bright and intriguing notes such as citrus, bergamot, or spices to create an initial sense of allure.

Heart Notes:

Oud, floral elements like rose or jasmine, and possibly resins or balsamic notes to capture the opulence and complexity of the Alhambras architecture.

Base Notes:

Warm and rich notes like amber, musk, and precious woods (such as sandalwood or cedar) to create a lasting and evocative oud experience.
Rs. 77,740
Fragrance descriptions aim to capture the overall theme, mood, and emotions that a perfume is intended to evoke. The name "Alhambra Oud" suggests a fragrance inspired by the Alhambra, a historic palace and fortress complex in Spain known for its stunning architecture and cultural significance. The use of "Oud" indicates a focus on oud, a prized and aromatic resinous wood used in perfumery. The description might emphasize the opulence, exoticism, and historical inspiration of the scent.