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Colonia Essenza



Size: 100 ml

Barcode: 8028713220678

Product ID: 00973

Top Notes:

Citrus Notes, Citrus notes, Lemon, Bergamot and Orange, Rosemary and Rosemary Flower.

Heart Notes:


Base Notes:

Vetiver and Patchouli, Woody Notes, Amber and Musk.
Rs. 27,693

Colonia Essenza Perfume Gift Set

Acqua di Parma is known for its timeless and classic fragrances, and "Colonia Essenza" is no exception. This set likely includes a collection of products based on the "Colonia Essenza" fragrance for men. "Colonia Essenza" by Acqua di Parma is a refined and sophisticated fragrance that pays homage to the brands classic "Colonia" scent while adding a contemporary twist. Its designed for the modern man who appreciates traditional elegance but seeks a fragrance with a more intense and long-lasting character. "Colonia Essenza" is a celebration of Italian craftsmanship and luxury, encapsulated in a timeless and versatile scent. Lost in Paris offers best Acqua di Parma Perfumes Price In Pakistan